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Uniting engineering expertise and authentic storytelling

Technical Expertise

Our team deeply understands technology and engineering to effectively convey your product's technical strengths

Authentic Storytelling

We believe in the simplicity and sincerity of real stories that resonate with your audience on a human level

Customized Solutions

We tailor our services to your unique business needs, whether it's content creation, product advisory, or public engagement

Crafting Impactful Product Narratives

Unlocking the full potential of your products through the power of storytelling

At DevRel As Service, our mission is straightforward yet vital: we empower businesses and organizations by meticulously crafting and artfully sharing compelling narratives about their products. We firmly believe that every product has a unique story, and our goal is to ensure it's told effectively. We are here to bridge the gap between technical expertise and relatable storytelling, transforming intricate features into engaging tales.

Meet the DevRel visionary

Rohit is a Developer Advocate and Community Evangelist, who runs Keep Up and the DevOps community. His mission is to empower both students and professionals to achieve remarkable success in their careers. He actively engages in numerous conferences, where he passionately advocates for DevOps, Security, and Application Networking.


Showcasing our impressive stats

Key numbers that define our success story

10+ clients

We take pride in serving a diverse clients that trusts us for their needs

20+ communities

We actively assist over 20 companies and communities in their growth journey

100K+ audience

Our outreach extends to a vast audience of over 100K connections, making a significant impact

100M+ views

Our content has garnered over 100 million views, capturing the attention of a wide-ranging audience

1M+ words

With dedication and expertise, we've penned down more than 1 million words to convey our message and insights.

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