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At DevRel As Service, our mission is straightforward yet vital: we empower businesses and organizations by meticulously crafting and artfully sharing compelling narratives about their products. We firmly believe that every product has a unique story, and our goal is to ensure it's told effectively. We are here to bridge the gap between technical expertise and relatable storytelling, transforming intricate features into engaging tales.

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Ashley Sawatsky

Sr Developer Advocate, Rootly

We worked with Rohit on a contributed post for Rootly's blog, which was also posted to the CNCF blog. He was able to quickly grasp our product and audience and produce a quality piece that provided value for our readers.

Udi Hofesh

Product Marketing Manager, Komodor

Rohit has profoundly impacted Komodor's community engagement. His well-crafted technical content, enthusiastic shoutouts, insightful newsletter promotions, and genuine advocacy have resonated well with our audience. Through various channels, he has helped demystify Komodor's offerings and significantly amplified our brand's resonance within the developer community.


Sr Developer Advocate, Lumigo

I wholeheartedly recommend Rohit for their ability to rapidly produce pertinent technical tutorial posts, along with their knowledge of intricate technical concepts. Their combination of speed and expertise consistently results in informative and engaging articles that cater to a wide range of technical audiences.

Shani Soham

Chief Revenue Officer, Kubiya.ai

Rohit partnered with us to produce content pieces in the form of a blog and video. He did a great job at quickly grasping the essence of our product and conveying that engagingly and creatively. I expect us to work with Rohit in the future as well.

Emre Baran

Founder & CEO, Cerbos

Rohit has worked as a Developer Relations Manager for Cerbos.dev through DevRel As Service. Rohit successfully launched and managed our Technical Author Program, producing weekly content that included blogs, videos, and technical demos. His contributions went beyond content creation. He provided invaluable social media expertise and crafted Call for Papers and GTM strategies. He engaged with various developer platforms such as Hacker News, Reddit, and Daily.dev. Moreover, Rohit played a crucial role in setting up the cerbos blogging platforms and spearheaded numerous DevRel leadership activities that have greatly enhanced our community engagement and visibility.

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